I’m down for more Die Hard, frankly I think the first film is a hands down classic. The other three sequels and just solid action films. I’d rather they start working on the fifth film sooner rather than later. Bruce Willis is becoming a very busy man with a second RED film on the way and his role in the second Expendables is set to be much larger. So lock him up quick for one or hell make two more Die Hard films. A new rumor has another relative of Hans Gruber come after our favorite detective. If you don’t remember Hans Gruber was the German baddie from first film. His brother Simon was the bad guy in the third film Die Hard: With a Vengeance. I don’t know how I feel about another Gruber villain coming around. I mean is Bruce Willis really going to wipe out an entire generation of a family? I guess the negative reaction to Live Free or Die Hard has made producers go back to basics. Problem is I didn’t mind the fourth movie, I liked what they did with it. Sure they hit us over the head with the “old school vs. new school” over tones but still. I think I’d rather see a new terrorist group or villain threaten our guy and his family. I think it’s obvious they should bring back Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Justin Long back and might as well give us something new instead of another Gruber family member. Oh well as long as I get more Die Hard I won’t be so picky about the villain.