It’s a slow time for movies right now, March is usually when the big time movies start popping up again. For now we get to swim through a number of interesting films. A big surprise for me this weekend is that the film The Rite took the top spot this weekend. I guess Anthony Hopkins has a decent following and people wanted some scares. No Strings Attached stayed on strong and landed in second while Jason Statham’s new action flick landed in third. That surprised me since I really thought that film would land in first. The Green Hornet after being bashed online and by some critics has survived pretty well and has over seventy million bucks. The rest of the list has several Academy Award nominated films like The King’s Speech and Black Swan sticking around. That’s good news for the Oscars, I feel like a lot of people will tune in this year to see who wins. Anyway here is the list…

1. The Rite: $15 Million

2. No Strings Attached: $13 Million

3. The Mechanic: $11.5 Million

4. The Green Hornet: $11.5 Million

5. The King’s Speech: $11.1 Million

6. True Grit: $7.6 Million

7. The Dilemma: $5.5 Million

8. Black Swan: $5.1 Million

9. The Fighter: $4.1 Million

10. Yogi Bear: $3.2 Million