Superman 1 and 2 are great movies, corny but great movies. The next couple of movies were horrible and corny. Then WB spent decades screwing up ways to make Superman. At one point Nick Cage was Superman and at another point Superman was going to wear all black and be “hip”. Thankfully Bryan Singer left X-men 3 to make Superman Returns. The film was basically a huge homage to Donner’s first film. Problem is we’ve all seen that film and super hero movies these days need one major thing: Action. Returns needed action scenes and they just didn’t have it. Kevin Spacey’s Lex Luthor was great but not enough. So the movie did well in the box office but not good enough to green light a sequel. The best thing about Returns was Brandon Routh who played Kent and Supes. He was charming and just rocked the role.

Now WB is remaking the series once again with Christopher Nolan lightly behind the production and Zach Snyder behind the camera. I assumed production would move at a slow pace, but out of the blue Superman has been cast. This guy Henry Cavill who looks the part has got it. I feel bad for Routh who I really loved as Supes but I understand they needed to go in another direction. Cavill has been seen in the show the Tudors, I’ve never seen it and frankly the only other thing I know him from was his small role in Stardust. Lets hope the guy can rock the role, he’s been up for a lot of big parts but lost them all. Rumor is he was almost James Bond until producers came to their senses and casted Daniel Craig. Snyder needs to make sure his visual style doesn’t change the image of the big blue guy. His movies can come off like video games and that would be horrible for iconic super hero. They need to mix in Luther and another villain like Brianiac or Doomsday. They need to give us big time action. I always had an idea for a Superman movie which would start with Luther running a huge military technology firm and creating Metallo. That would be a good start.