Wonder Woman would be so easy to do as a movie but the studios have made it difficult. After watching the Sucker Punch trailer it was clear to me that Zack Snyder should make a Wonder Woman film set in the 40’s. It would be easy! Have her jumping around kicking Nazi zombies ass or whatever. Yet for over a decade the studios have just been screwing it up. So now Wonder Woman is being pointed towards the small screen and could possibly being helped by McG who is actually behind a large amount of good television shows including Human Target and Chuck. So this could be good news but it could also be really bad news. Why could it be bad? Well a television show means the show won’t be based off the comic from where WW was facing the Nazi’s or Soviets. A TV show means it will be Wonder Woman fighting right now in 2011. That is where Wonder Woman has trouble, she doesn’t work right now, she works fighting in the 40’s and 50’s not fighting terrorists and Wall Street villains. So will see maybe my hopes for a big screen adaptation have been hurt but there is always hope!