So the rumor around the net was that Will Smith was pushing a remake of Annie where his daughter Willow would be the star. Of course red heads around the country were furious, I thought it was a joke. I mean why not find something a little bigger to put your money behind. Annie is a famous story but really can’t be adapted for 2011 so this remake will simply be silly at best. Also Jay-Z is rumored as a lead producer. This story confuses me just because why and how did they come up with Annie? Maybe it’s because Willow’s brother did well in the remake of the Karate Kid(Horrible title since he doesn’t learn Karate in the movie). So the only story with a young woman who sings is Annie so they plan to remake it. I like Willow, she seems totally talented and props for her doing what she’s doing but this remake of Annie is going to get heat. I mean racists will come out but screw them. I just think it’s a funny choice of a project. Still this proves the Smith’s are a power family in Hollywood and frankly that’s good for us because they are all talented and seem like nice people.