I love Kevin Smith. I know movie nerds out there dislike him, but for me I’ve always found him very refreshing. He reminds me of the good old days of the 90’s when independent film making actually existed. Sure his movies are hit and miss but for me it’s more hit than miss. A lot of the times the movies just get bad press(or good press from the way you’re looking at it) like Dogma and Zack and Miri Make A Porno. Both films are some of the best comedies to come out in the past ten years. His two Clerks films always make me smile. So hearing that he plans to retire from directing makes me sad. Unless he’s playing some huge joke. At Sundance he previewed his new horror film which got very mixed reviews, which was expected, he put the film up for bidding, then bought the rights to the film himself for $20 bucks. He plans to self-distribute the film and basically make back the $4 million it spent to make it. This plan could easily work out for him since a small movie like this with already this much press will easily at least make $10 million. Smith plans to take his horror film Red State on a movie tour across the nation. Ticket prices will be steep but I think he plans to help fund the distribution through this cash. Then after Red State is done he will work on a hockey film called Hit Somebody, then he claims he’ll retire. I can see this happening for real and guy goes into producing or acting in small roles. Or hell the guy could just hit the stand up tour and make money that way. Either way I wish Kevin Smith luck with his future projects, no matter what you think of his movies, you have to dig the guy, he’s hilarious.