Rumor was for a little while was that a second Kick Ass was coming. The film would be based on a comic book that is in production. Problem is it’s just all rumors. No script and the only person who would probably make Kick Ass 2 is Matthew Vaughn and he’s rather busy. Currently working on X-Men: First Class and seems to be interested in half a dozen other projects. It took forever for Kick Ass to even get released. The film did alright at the box office, for sure not a bomb, but not a huge hit either. So you know the studio isn’t exactly demanding a sequel since the profit isn’t for sure. For me Kick Ass was so off base that I loved it, the violence I dug and it in a way took superheroes back for nerds. Studios have suddenly designed these huge comic book properties to be aimed at kids and everyone else. Kick Ass didn’t care for this and just went or it. That alone makes the film a fun time.