Matthew Vaughn claims his X-Men film will be a spy movie with mutants basically. He mentions Thirteen Days which is amazing since that movie is brilliant. The film will be set from the 1940’s to the 1960’s. Mutants don’t understand what they are and don’t know each other exist. This leads to violence across the board I assume. This idea for a movie has me so excited! Now I enjoyed Bryan Singer’s X-man movies. The first one is a little messy, the action hasn’t stood up over time but still a solid starting point. X2 is still one of the best comic book films ever made in my opinion, sadly his split with with Fox gave us one of the worst comic book films ever made: X-men 3: The Last Stand. That film just ruined everything the first two set up. Even the actors were obviously phoning it in. Then they made X-Men Origins: Wolverine, that was suppose to set up multiple origin films for other X-Men characters, problem is that film was just badly made. Fox tried to make Wolverine into the nice guy hero which goes exactly against the character from the comics and the first three movies. It just didn’t make sense, we’re introduced to Wolverine as a violent killing machine, an animal. Origins sets him up as a sad sack cry baby who doesn’t want to fight or kill anyone. That’s not Wolverine! So now as they try and rebuild the Wolverine franchise it seems they have finally gone in the right direction. First Class should be a lot of fun to watch, the idea of mutants fighting during the Cold War is just so cool. So go on Vaughn make a good movie please, because my expectations have suddenly gone up for a franchise I basically left for dead.