More random rumors have been shot down. I guess someone reported that Keanu Reeves hinted at sequels while speaking at a school. Problem is that never even happened. This news is fine with me since the original Matrix sequels kind of wrapped everything up. Sure I’d like to see the world again and made with a smaller budget so the film makers have to be creative. The first Matrix film was one of the best films ever made. The sequels had their moments but over all they were simply too bloated. I’ve tried to think of where the story could go(SPOILERS) with no Neo, Trinity and peace with robots but I’m sure someone could have thought something up. One cool thing new sequels could bring is bullet time in 3D but that I feel would be cool the first time and then loose the appeal by the third or fourth time. Anyway so there are some pluses and minuses to this news. It’s probably for the best the Matrix just be left alone.