So the Social Network(over rated) will most likely win best picture this year at the Oscars. I have theories why it will, mainly because these award shows have pushed away from awarding people for good work and moved towards just getting big ratings. They believe The Social Network speaks to the “young generation”, sure the movie was decent but not ground breaking. Still it has proved that if done well topics that are relevant now can be made into award winning films. So of course a Wikileaks movie about Julian Assange is being pushed through. Not sure what kind of movie it would be, maybe mix in how almost every major government wants him dead. No doubt though if it comes out in the next year and half to two years the movie would be huge. All they have to do is find a good script and a solid team to make a dark film that should balance the character of Assange. It could be done, should it be done? That’s a different debate.