Now that it is confirmed that Anne Hathaway is playing Selina Kyle the next big topic is will she actually be Catwoman? The film Batman Returns which came out in 1994 had to date the best incarnation of the character. Then sadly Halle Barry tried to make a franchise out of it and the movie was just terrible. They tried to make her “hip” and the costume was insane. They also had trouble dealing with the fact that Catwoman was designed to be a villain. So they had her robbing places for the better of man kind… They also had Sharon Stone playing an evil woman who by using too much make up or something made her skin into stone… Yeah the movie was horrible. Then when Nolan took over Batman and made two very serious and dark Batman tales many wrote off that she would be attempted. Now that has changed but should she be used? In a film that will have Bane in it is a woman running around in leather a good idea? To me it is a perfect idea. In a world where men run around in costume or terrorize cities in face paint, wouldn’t a woman eventually get into a costume to make a point? I believe Nolan will make the character work within in the world he’s designed. I think a lot of fans have too many images of Catwoman from the Halle Barry movie and Batman Return and think a serious rendition of the character can be done. I disagree, think of a woman simply doing what Batman does. My problem is I can’t really think of how Catwoman would be involved in the plot they have formed for the third film. Batman is on the run from the police. The mob has basically been destroyed, someone obviously calls in Bane to finish Batman off. Where does Catwoman come in on all of this? I can’t really think of any reason for the character to show up rather to cause trouble for Batman. Any thoughts?