As the remake train chugs along more and more titles are emerging. Now it seems the film Westworld is being remade, this really makes no sense. The idea itself just doesn’t work for the world today unless you completely go crazy with it. I doubt they will make this cool they will either go uber serious or goofy as hell. I’m leaning towards the latter, I can see Seth Rogan being cast to run around screaming as robots come alive. If you don’t know the plot of Westworld it’s pretty basic, the robots in a theme park come alive and attack visitors. My problem with this is the lack of robotics at theme parks, most are leaning towards boring digital screen attractions. Trying to use 3D visuals to replace machines. The only way I can see this being interesting is if the robots are the good guys, they see they are being replaced by 3D crappy screens, so they come alive and revolt. I would see that flick. I’m sure it wouldn’t be close to anything like that so oh well.