So everything is up for reboots or whatever the Hollywood suits want us to call it. With Mel Gibson’s career on major life support to concept of another Lethal Weapon movie being made is slim to none. Some brilliant man must have simply came up with the idea of rebooting it. Problem is the franchise is nothing without its leads. If you just use the title it means nothing. I mean it’s such an obvious money grab. Lethal Weapon story lines were pretty basic, just violent cop vs. bad guys stories. I don’t really understand the concept of a reboot, why not just continue the story line with new characters? Have Riggs and Murtaugh die and have two new guys investigate the murder or simply have the old guys retire. Still reboots are too “in” right now and so they want to do it that way. Rumors are already flying around Jeremy Renner would play the new Riggs. So would this Riggs be a Afghan or Iraq war vet? Then Renner would be perfect with his role in The Hurt Locker connecting him to the story. This is just a bad trend in Hollywood, why not just try and come up with a new cop drama series? No they want to use the Lethal Weapon name to try and milk any connection people have with the franchise. Pretty lame, but until people stop going to these things they will continue to just milk whatever they can to make a buck.