This movie is confusing, you have a great cast, well okay minus Kevin James you have a great cast. You have a great direction in Ron Howard who has made some serious classics. The plot is somewhat interesting, yet the movie falls right on its face and never gets up again. Vince Vaughn and Kevin James play best friends who own a small company together. Their characters Ronny and Nick are simply them as actors. Hell they even go to a Chicago Blackhawks game, we all know Vaughn is a big Chicago guy and we see all of that here. It seems that Howard just let Vaughn be himself hoping the comedy would just flow out of him. The plot gets moving quickly once Ronny sees Nick’s wife, played by Winona Ryder, cheating on Nick with a young handsome guy named Zip, played by Channing Tatum. Problem for Ronny is he is in a tough spot, Nick is under a lot of pressure with work and the last thing he needs is to hear his wife is cheating with him. So Ronny goes through a lot of crap trying to find a way to tell him.

The films biggest issue is that it never seems to figure out if it is a comedy or a drama. I wish Ron Howard would have put his foot down and made a straight drama about this topic. The best scenes in this movie is when Vaughn and Jennifer Connelly are together and acting real. Ronny was once addicted to gambling and it really effected his girl friend, these scenes are strong but never take a huge focus since it’s not connected to the main story line. The film fails when it tries to be funny, the issue is the main plot isn’t funny, it’s just sad. Winona Ryder’s character gets a moment to explain why she cheats and it’s because she’s lonely, so we all feel for her and slowly the plot just makes things depressing. So small out of the box comedy just feels out of place, most of these scenes are cringe inducing and very little laughs happen. Surprisingly enough the best and funniest part of the film is Channing Tatum. He’s career is interesting and he gets bashed over and over, not all his fault. Here every scene he’s in he out acts, yes out acts everyone else. He really gets at least chuckles, playing a drug effected dude who is a little out there. Still I was always happy to see him come on screen because he was the funny one.

The Dilemma’s major problem is that I believe everyone is coming in thinking this film would be hilarious. The thing is the film is not really a comedy. So the laughs are just not there, so for me I found myself just not enjoying this movie like I should have. I thought I’d be laughing but it rarely happens in the film. Another thing that stood out was a lot of little jokes seen in the trailers are not in the movie. Makes me think there were some serious editing issues for the movie, maybe Howard and his team also had trouble trying to figure out if they wanted to make a comedy or drama. Whatever happened it didn’t help the audience at all, the final product is a mix. Some great acting but the films tone and pacing is just off and then you’ll find yourself sitting in the theater not laughing.

Rating: 3/10