The plot follows Frank(Johnny Depp) an American tourist exploring Europe while trying to mend his broken heart. On a train he meets a woman named Elise who seems to be instantly attracted to him. Problem is Elise has a plan to use Frank as a decoy to lead Interpol agents, including Scotland yard inspector played by Paul Bettany away from her boy friend, or at least we think it’s a boy friend who is an international criminal. At the same time a murderous mob boss and his Russian cohorts also chase them down. The Tourist is a film that you think should be filled with twists and turns, but really end up being very lightly paced. The thing going for it is that everything is very pretty, unlike other movies set in Europe but are obviously filmed in backlots, this film uses its European settings to allow the audience to be swept away. Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie make this movie work, the scenes between them are charming and somehow sexy. Not beat you over the head sexy but allows the dialogue to set up the tension between them. I love the first half of this move because it really is a story about a man trying to loose himself and he meets a women who is mysterious and beautiful. Then of course things get crazy as Russians and police agents try and nab Depp from his hotel room.

The Tourist does have problems though, besides the leads we spend a decent amount of time with the French/Italian/British agents chasing Jolie. Problem is none of them are very interesting, and Paul Bettany is frankly wasted here since his screen time is limited. Since the police could not be bad guys we have a sinister mob boss and his Russian body guards being the nasty one’s. This works because without them there would be really no threat in the film. Now the movie has some slapdash editing issues but over all I really enjoyed the experience. It kind of plays around with the old goofy European spy movies. It’s fitting since the mobster in the film is played by Steven Berkoff who was in Octopussy and simply fits as the European evil guy. This movie isn’t perfect and I saw some of the twists coming from the beginning, but still the leads and the setting almost make it worth the price admission. It’s clear though that editing was an issue, possibly by the studio who wanted a faster paced film then they got. The movie for sure feels European but is still a lot of fun and pretty charming. Just wish it was a little less messy but I enjoyed my time traveling with The Tourist.