The plot of this film follows Becky(brilliant Rachel McAdams), a young, decently high strung TV news producer, is hired to bring back to life a dying morning news show called Day Break. In trying to regain viewers  Becky talks a snobby veteran news anchor, Mike Pomeroy(Harrison Ford), who once joining the team slows it down by not doing any of the bits they set up. He clashes with long time host Colleen Peck(Diane Keaton) who simply hates the fact she’s still on the program that is about to be replaced by old game shows. Becky tries to balance her new job with a relationship with a colleague even though her schedule is designed for her not to have a life.

The first scene of this movie really sets a tone that I love. We open on McAdams on a blind date where she ignores her date and focuses mainly on her phone. The movie is really about life choices, do you choose work, or your life? Problem is Morning Glory didn’t really know how to balance the other plot lines in the film. Still even when the film falls off balance McAdams sets things straight. Her adorable yet high strung character is just too likable. The film simply has too much on it’s plate and went through some obvious editing issues. Still the film is just very charming and witty, and never in this film do you find yourself bored. Sure there is a romance side plot but the film never allows you to get bored by the basic love story and moves on from it. This movie isn’t about the girl getting the guy, she gets him, the key is for her to hold on to him and her own sanity. Becky’s arch isn’t complicated but it works and McAdams is just too likable that you find yourself rooting for her the entire time.

The return of Harrison Ford here is very nice. Sadly as he’s aged he’s had to take on the role of “the grumpy” old man. Still he lands his lines in a way that you can’t help but laugh. I mean the guy is freaking Han Solo and you love him. His character is savior of the morning show but also the main reason behind Becky falling apart. Pomeroy is obsessed with bringing people real news and avoids doing fluff at any cost. The scenes with him and McAdams alone are so charming and it’s what keeps the movie going. There are minor problems throughout the film, the pacing if just off, and a lot of the jokes are not that funny. Patrick Wilson plays McAdams love interest and truthfully I didn’t get any connection between them. I kept waiting for another sub plot about him cheating on her to pop up, it never did but the romance between the two characters just felt off. Still the real story here is McAdams and too me this film proves she could easily be the next Julia Roberts, as long as she keeps getting the right roles. She was brilliant in The Notebook and Sherlock Holmes so I hope she continues down this road. As a commentary on television news Morning Glory doesn’t add much, the world they live in is fake. Sure morning shows have stupid bits but the film makes it seem that morning news is trying to destroy real news. I don’t actually think that is happening in the real world. Sure is American news horrible and focuses on the wrong stories? Hell yes it is, if you want real news watch BBC news. You want a very well done comedy with some very charming leads? Watch Morning Glory.

Rating: 7/10