The Transporter films were fun but pretty horrible but amazingly there were three of them. The first film I guess was the best, it’s plot made no sense what-so-ever! If I remember correctly he tries to save a bunch of Chinese immigrants from some bad guys…. Okay I don’t remember. What I do remember were some hilarious and very well done. The second film also had great action but it took over the top as a goal with throwing in over the top villains and action set pieces. The plot was so basic it hurt but was still pretty fun. The third film was just down right horrible. So instead of making a fourth film a French production studio is making a television show. It seems most of the major networks and cable networks are interested. Hey if NCIS can get viewers why can’t Transporter? The problem is the production value is over forty million dollars. So the show will have to do very well to get picked up for the long run. Still I love action based shows, Human Target on Fox is simply an amazing show so I probably will check this out when ever it comes on the air.