Many will not be surprised that Narnia opened at the top this week but what may surprise people is that the numbers it grabbed were not as impressive as films in the past. Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader opened with 25 million this weekend. Now that is not a number to ignore but many through this film could possibly have opened with over fifty million. Now there are a lot of reasons for this, first off competition is very high. Also the trailers for this film were horrible, I have no idea what was going on in them. There was a dragon, then a shot of the boat, some dialogue, the lion roars and then it’s over. The plot could be anything. Fans of Narnia do not give up though since this film could possibly have major legs and make some serious money. Since the holiday season is lacking in holiday films this movie could continue to rake in kids.

The Tourist landed in second place with an also impressive 17 million. Now I think it’s impressive but I’m sure the studio is not thinking that. Johnny Depp alone usually brings in the bigger bucks, tag on Angelina Jolie and this film should have been a forty million opener. I also blame this one of advertising though, I dug the vibe of the trailers but again wasn’t sure what was happening or that engaged. I’m not saying trailer should show you everything since I hate that! I do believe the trailers for both Narnia and The Tourist could have been better. Still legs are a big possibility here though for these films.

The rest of the box office is not that surprising. Tangled is still sticking around in the third spot. With Harry Potter and Unstoppable right behind it. Will see how things all balance out here soon as the holiday pictures come out. With movies like Tron: Legacy and True Grit coming out around the X-mas days I’m confused about what people are going to go see. That is why films like Narnia, Tangled and even The Tourist should be able to bring some more cash.

1. Chronicles of Naria: Legend of the… $24.5 Million

2. The Tourist $17 Million

3. Tangled $14.6 Million

4. Harry Potter and the… $8.5 Million

5. Unstoppable $3.8 Million

6. Black Swan $3.3 Million

7. Burlesque $3.2 Million

8. Love and Other Drugs $3 Million

9. Due Date $2.5 Million

10. Megamind $2.5 Million