I will start with this, I love Liam Neeson, he is one of my favorites. Many maybe didn’t really think about him until his film Taken exploded in the box office and became a super hit. The story of that movie is interesting, studio though it would bomb hard, so they pushed it around a while. The trailer with one single scene(Liam on the phone with the kidnapper) lead to that movie making trucks load of cash. Since then Liam has been in several movies. His role as Zeus in Clash of the Titans was fine, even though he was not used enough at all. He was on screen for a minute here and there, he’d yell and then the movie was over. So I hope with his return in the sequel means more screen time for him in his silver armor. His return shows the studio is serious about this series, they could have easily used different actors or just kept Sam Worthington. Instead they are bringing as many people back which gives me hope they want this to become a serious action series. The first film I thought was fun, messy in places but still very fun. It was one of the films that got damaged by the 3D conversion, everything looked boxy and blurry. So it’s much better on DVD. Still good to see Neeson getting jobs after the news he was not going to play Abe Lincoln is Spielberg’s biopic.