Finally James Bond is back on track. MGM has been having financial problems for several years now. Now that they have rallied they are pushing Bond to the front. I love the new look James Bond with Daniel Craig he is frankly perfect for the role. Casino Royal and Quantom of Solace are solid action movies in an era of movies where we simply don’t get a lot of those. Rumor is that MGM is going with the team they already had lined up, this is good news because that means director Sam Mendes is still attached. Rumors then were pretty interesting, with the idea that Rachel Weisz would play the lead villain had me excited. Bond has always been one of my favorites I grew up with it. There are not many Bond films I don’t like, the campy films are just as close to me as the great action one’s. Golden Eye the movie and game were the best thing in the nineties and a world with no James Bond movies is one I don’t want to live in. Serve up the vodka martini’s baby because the British spy in the tux is back!