Sure Dreamworks is second fiddle to Pixar, most of their movies have the same central theme and even jokes. Unlike Pixar which doesn’t need sequels to make the big bucks Dreamworks is using the Shrek model towards their other properties. The first Shrek film was something special and it went hard at Disney, making fun of fantasy film stereotypes. Then when seeing dollar signs they made three sequels, the second one was funny, the third one was down right horrible and not worthy of a second viewing, then a fourth film that I don’t remember. Even though I wasn’t a fan of all the Shrek films, a lot of other people did. Those movies made millions upon millions of dollars. So the other films that have been hits are getting multiple sequel green lights. A third and then fourth Madagascar films are coming. The studio claims that a story arc has been made for these films and that they have to be made. Really? Most of the “arcs” were completed in the first film. Then the studio went on to claim they have a six part plan for Kung Fu Panda… Six parts! Barely any even good movie series gets four parts let alone six. The only real good news is Dreamworks is planning two sequels for How To Train Your Dragon, a film which I thought was just brilliant and the themes and message was a great one. So if you like these movies, get excited because a lot more are coming. To me this just seems like a huge cash grab.