I didn’t notice until now, only one movie came out this last weekend. That movie was the crazy looking film called The Warriors Way(A review will be coming). So box office numbers were down, actually it’s one of the worst weekends we’ve seen this year. Not surprising though is that this weekend was simply trying to see which film would have better legs, well Tangled won that battle. The film debuted at #2 last weekend but won this weekend with over twenty million bucks. Now mind you the 3D charge might have helped a lot. Harry Potter landed in second and just added to it’s already impressive tally. Unstoppable actually has also proven it has some major legs while that film remained in third. Everything else played out pretty much as expected, Warrior’s Way landed in 9th with over three million dollars. It’s sad for me to see Faster drop like a rock, I want more action movies, especially action movies with the Rock in them. Oh well I guess the movie came out at the wrong time, I mean a revenge flick coming out on Thanksgiving? Here is the list…

1. Tangled $21.5 Million

2. Harry Potter and the blah blah $16.7 Million

3. Unstoppable $6.1 Million

4. Burlesque $6.1 Million

5. Love and Other Drugs $5.7 Million

6. Megamind $5 Million

7. Due Date $4.2 Million

8. Faster $3.8 Million

9. The Warrior’s Way $3.1 Million

10. The Next Three Days $2.7 Million