So news has broke that actors have been chosen to play Peter Parker’s parents, these characters are barely focused on in the comics. It’s possible they could be only used in flash backs but I am worried. The bigger news is that Irrfan Khan has been casted as Van Atter… I know what you’re thinking and that is: “Who?”. He is a man who transformers into a villain named Proto-Goblin. So his has me very very worried about the direction they are taking Spiderman in. Proto-Goblin is a fine first villain I guess but I’m confused because they had the Lizard story lined up for the movie. I mean with one of the best rogue gallery in comics the villain they come up with is Proto-Goblin. I as a Spiderman fan am already calling for a reboot and of this reboot. I don’t like the addition of Peter’s parents it makes me believe they are simply trying to mix in as much new stuff as possible so they can do an origin story again. All of this also bugs me and makes me think they are going to try and keep Spiderman off screen as much as possible as well. So I’m pretty much down on this movie and frankly am not looking forward to it. The way things are going I’m kind of hoping the studio just pulls the rug out from under it like they did to Raimi. Reboot the reboot!