Irvin Kershner has a very interesting story when it came to making movies. He had never made that many major films when Lucas approached him to direct the sequel to Star Wars: A New Hope. Kershner was an interesting choice at the time, but it made sense, he wasn’t seriously connected to the major studios. Then Kershner went on to direct hands down the best Star Wars film to date. Now many have claimed that Lucas had a lot to do with it, sure that is true but the man directed the best film in the series. Kershner went on to direct a James Bond movie that isn’t a James Bond movie. He directed Never Say Never Again which was Sean Connery’s attempt to return to the British MI6 agent without the studio that owned the rights to the films. He also directed Robocop 2 which many dislike but is personal favorite of mine. Kershner later became a professor at USC. He will be missed.