I’m not one to usually demand a series to be rebooted, not exactly behind the Spider-man reboot and generally most reboots are horrible ideas. Then I thought to myself “What series should be rebooted?”. Only one came to mind: Transformers. Sure the first film had it’s moments but it dropped the ball towards the end. I dug how the film started with it basically being about a boy and his car simply trying to get the hot girl. I kind of dug that, then the rest of the film happened. The battles were huge and explosions were big but the audience didn’t really see anything. Michael Bay focused far too much on the military, for some reason even while directing a film called Transformers yet most of the movie is about the military fighting robots. Still the first film was somewhat solid. Then came the second film and everything just went to hell. The film felt as if they simply shot it without a script. All the plot did was set up bad jokes and a couple fight scenes. Nothing actually happened, nothing was really set up. Bay got stuck up on trying to make people laugh with horribly racist jokes. Somehow the movie made millions upon million but I’m sure that was just a huge mistake. Now the third film is being filmed in 3D… Yay? I mean after the second one does anyone really want this? Meagan Fox isn’t even involved anymore… I’m sure that alone will make most guys ignore this film. So anyway once this third “film” is released I say green light the reboot on the spot. Make a film based more on you know the Transformers, keep Shia if you like, cut out all the pointless jokes and side characters. Make it filled with coherent action and then will have a Transformers franchise we can be proud of! So yes finally I have changed side and I say reboot! Reboot Transformers!