What? When I first read this I found myself confused. Both Hathaway and Franco could be possibly nominated for their work this year. Would this move effect voters? I mean would they even put either of these two up for an award knowing they are the hosts? Hathaway is getting a lot of praise for her work in Love and Other Drugs and Franco for his brave role playing a man who has to cut his own arm off to survive a rock climbing accident. Both actors deserve to be nominated but I’m not sure exactly how much this move could help or hurt their chances.

As hosts they are not the normal choice. Still the Academy has been trying to attract younger viewers without loosing its class. We’ve seen them expand the number of best picture nominees from five to ten. They did this to allow more “main stream” movies to at least get nominated. This move has made it sure films like The Social Network, which doesn’t necessarily deserve to be there but will get in to try and get some sort of facebook crowd to watch. Here they have two younger actors, both of these two have done well in comedy and proved it with charming interviews on late night talk shows and appearances on SNL. Hathaway is just pure talent and she has been involved in the opening of the Academy Awards, when Hugh Jackman hosted a couple years back she was involved in a musical number. So I’m sure these two will do fine, it might leave the door open for even crazier hosting suggestions down the road.