The film was in limbo for a little while, Disney held on to the rights and got Johnny Depp to be Tonto. I guess they have decided to be go full steam ahead on the project and picked themselves up a director who knows Depp well. I guess Johnny Depp likes working with two people mainly, Gore and Tim Burton. Verbinski worked with Depp through the Pirates trilogy and the two came back together for the animated Rango which comes out this summer. The movie looks fairly odd but I’m intrigued by it. This news is sad to me because Gore Verbinski was lined up to direct a live action film based off of Bioshock the video game. Now I guess that project is in endless limbo. We need a video game based movie to come out and dominate to box office… Oh maybe HALO? Oh right that movie has never gotten off the ground. Can James Cameron please swoop down and save that project!