Is anyone surprised Bale doesn’t plan to do more than one more Batman film? I mean we all know Nolan is not coming back. Unless the WB can make some sort of deal to fund any movie he ever wants to make I don’t ever see him coming back. Bale for me has been the best Batman we’ve had but I’m sure someone else can fill his shoes. I’ve always loved this guy ever since I saw him as the pathetic white boy villain in the Sam Jackson Shaft film. From there he was in hands down the best dragon movie ever made in Reign Of Fire. So when Batman Begins was in pre-production and Nolan announced Bale would be playing Bruce Wayne/Batman I was thrilled. Many people have tried to make fun of him for the voice he uses as Batman and his general acting style, he has silenced all of these people with just giving performances film after film.

The departure of Nolan won’t be all bad, his trilogy will be a staple mark for comic book films from now on. Still a new take on Batman might not be too bad. Nolan’s ultra real vision of Batman eliminated some cool characters I know fans would love to see. In his Batman universe villains like Clay Face or Man Bat would never be possible. I still believe a super cool version of Mr. Freeze would be very possible. The problem is after the Dark Knight Rises whoever takes the reigns to make the next picture will have a lot of pressure on them to make a solid product. Who knows what will happen though maybe WB can lay down some sort of deal that could make both Bale and Nolan return. If not we should all just be thank full we got these movies and hopefully more great Batman films down the road.