With the film Princess and the Frog failing to inspire audiences Disney has decided that they will no longer make films with Princesses in them. They want to change the image of how Disney shows women in their films. First off there hasn’t been a real Princess movie, the style has changed most of the films with these types of characters had the princesses being rebels or some other twist to the story. I assume Disney announced this just to make themselves look better. They claim they plan to have better characters made to for women, that’s great, that’s the way it should be but you don’t have to ban princess’s. Mind you I highly doubt Disney will ignore their previous princess characters, can you imagine little girls finding out Cinderella isn’t at the theme park? It would be chaos. Interesting they made this announcement since they basically barely ever made movies with a princess in them. I guess the new film Tangled is their last hoorah when it comes to the princess story. No big loss but I doubt this will be the last with a princess in it for them. I just think Disney wants to make it clear they plan on making many films with pro-female characters.