I think everyone knew Harry Potter was going to do well over the weekend, I just don’t think people knew it was going to do this well! Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 rounded up $125 million bucks. That is the best weekend opening for a Harry Potter ever. The closest big opening was for The Goblet of Fire which opened with $103 million and went on to make almost $300 million dollars. So this is a good sign that Deathly Hallows will break the bank. Also it must be noted that the film did this without the added charge for 3D. It also is to note it’s the second largest November opening(Twilight: New Moon is #1 at $142… Really?) and it’s the sixth biggest opening of all time. Megamind just keeps on making money but it must be noted that the pointless 3D charge is helping it a bit. The film now has made almost $110 million bucks. I guess almost any animated movie can make money. Unstoppable managed to round up some decent money as well as it stuck around in third. Russel Crowe’s The Next Three Days opened poorly with $7 million… Frankly I think most of the blame should go to the people who decided to open the movie against Harry Potter. Stupid. Only other things to note is that Skyline is dropping like a falling space ship… See what I did there? In it’s second week the film is already in 7th place. RED keeps sticking around which is frankly impressive and even though it opened in only limited release the film Fair Game broke into the top ten.

1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 $125 Million

2. Megamind $16.2 Million

3. Unstoppable $13.1 Million

4. Due Date $9.2 Million

5. The Next Three Days $6.8 Million

6. Morning Glory $5.2 Million

7. Skyline $3.4 Million

8. RED $2.5 Million

9. For Colored Girls $2.4 Million

10. Fair Game $1.5 Million