Studios are trying to restart or find any product that might have an already set fan base. We’ve heard the rumors of a Silent Hill 2 coming our way. Every month or so the Tomb Raider remake gets mentioned. Problem is most video game adaptations are horrible, the creative teams either just fail to put together a good story or they screw around with the themes of the original game and the entire thing crumbles apart. Max Payne had a lot of problems, starting with it’s rating. The game is hard core violent and has some serious dark themes. Then trying to make a pg-13 version of the film is just looking for failure. The movie was all over the place, some great visuals but it lacked in solid action scenes.

So a rumor has come up thinking that a remake of the film is a good idea. The first one came out in 2008, that’s very recent. A remake might straight confuse people. I say keep Mark Wahlberg, he wasn’t the right choice for Payne but still, keep him and continue the story. You need a new creative team and the ability to have an R rating. Use the second video game for inspiration and continue the story line. With the right marketing the film could make money and also make people check out the first one on DVD. So I think in the end a sequel could make a lot of money. If you remake Max Payne the style needs to heavily change. They would need to make it clear that this movie is different from the 2008 version.

I’m for this type of remake though, the Max Payne series could easily been a great movie franchise. It just needs the right mood and attitude. It also needs an R rating, you need the gun violence to make the movie work. You shouldn’t be focusing on teens, focus on guys who remember the game well. Most of those guys are in their twenties and even thirties now.