I love this series so far, the first one was brilliant and made a staple in the horror genre. The second film I thought really expanded on the story and the style. I will come out and admit the second film really surprised me. I loved the trick with security video footage. Now that the third film has been green lit the question is where will this film series go? Many have feared PA will turn into the SAW film franchise. I had a serious problem with the SAW movies, they got wrapped up in their gimmick too much. The first film had balls, it really caught people off guard. It surprised me, not the twist I saw that coming a mile away, but the surprised me. Then the second film came out and proved that improving the story line was not the key issue, amping up the gore and violence became the major importance. Audiences went to the theater to be disgusted instead of looking for a good horror story.

Paranormal Activity could possibly fall into the same problem where instead of furthering the story they just go back to the “found footage” thing over and over. I have an idea of how the third film could go. One possibility is a direct sequel to PA2 but I say make it a prequel… I know, I know seriously a prequel? Hear me out SPOILER ALERT…. DO NOT READ IF YOU WANT THE SECOND FILM SPOILED FOR YOU…. First here is an idea for a sequel: Katy who became possessed at the end of the first film and became an obvious villain in the second is a great character. You could have a movie follow the surviving daughter of the murdered family. You could have her record her mission of tracking down Katy and trying to save her and her half brother who was kidnapped.

I think PA3 should be a prequel, using “found footage” from older camera’s. The one’s that use VHS tapes to record. This could be a little inside joke in the movie. The first two showing high tech video taping technology, I think it would be funny for the third film be about VHS recordings. We could see tape from when Katy and her sister were haunted by the demon when they were little girls. This movie would wrap up the other two nicely and then lead to a PA4 which could be about people tracking down Katy and saving her from the demon inside her. Yup, I’m a smart guy. If anyone from the studio would like to contact me just leave a comment haha.