A couple years ago it felt like we were ambushed by fantasy films. Sure Lord of the Rings made fantasy cool for a little while, that energy faded fast. Still with Harry Potter doing so well studios wen crazy green lightening anything that had a mythical or magical back ground. The Chronicles of Narnia was made and the first film was a hands down block buster. The second film which was just an odd movie did not meet expectations, then funding for the third one got bounced around. Now finally the third film is opening soon. I’m just wondering has the final Harry Potter film brought fantasy back into power again?

Lets not forget how many franchises came around and then failed. Some of them were very good like the Golden Compass and a couple others. Studios though expected these films to make $300 million dollars mainly because Harry Potter and the first Narnia did. It’s hard to rally people around a franchise. Harry Potter was a brilliant series of books that were made into films but they were designed to suck fans in, the different divisions in the schools… It made fantasy cool for nerds. Look at all the people who dressed up as Star Wars characters, Jedi are cool, Sith are cool and you can connect in a weird way to one of those groups. Same thing happened with Harry Potter fans connected with characters and the magical world. Not many other series have these elements, that is why Narnia will never be Potter big. I don’t mean to outwardly diss Narnia but who exactly is going to show up dressed like one of young people in it or a lion? Now I have to admit the third film “Voyage of the Dawn Treader” looks interesting to me. I believe I read the book once but have forgotten it, the trailer doesn’t give us much to what the plot is about but the visuals look strong. I also love that they use the same music at the end of every trailer in Narnia, somehow this gives all the films a connection.

So I don’t believe the end of Harry Potter will bring a rise in fantasy again. The studios have had enough of it really. Not enough franchises were big enough to build tent pole franchises. Comic book movies have spread like wild fire and we can see studios pushing it with green lighting multiple heroes from the comic book universe. Now I grew up being a comic book nerd so I don’t mind the rise in those films over fantasy pictures. At least fantasy lovers know that the Hobbit is coming soon… So at least you can hold on to that.