A remake of Wizard of Oz has been rumored for way over a decade now. The film is a classic, even most young people know the film at least somewhat well. So a remake would most likely rake in a lot of cash, the dilemma is that the film of course would have to be done well. No doubt the picture would be in 3D and most likely the film would just make millions in the box office. Still the debate really should be how a remake should be approached, should they go in a totally different direction? Or maybe do is real strict remake basically adding in CGI elements but make it close to the original as possible. Earlier on this site I reported Zemeckis was looking into doing the remake, which I thought was a horrible idea. I just don’t think his style would work for Oz and I’m glad he isn’t interested. I believe Tim Burton could actually do it justice by at least go into an odd and different direction like he did with Alice in Wonderland. So glad the rumor wasn’t true now Zemeckis can focus on going back to his roots with film making, hopefully.