AMC plans to try something out which is one of the dumbest ideas I’ve ever heard. They plan to have a “dine in” experience for movie goers. For an additional price you can seat in some special seats where employees will take your order and deliver you food. AMC so plans to change up it’s ordinary food menu’s. Most of us are used to the simple popcorn, candy and maybe a hot dog. AMC has expanded this by adding burgers and nacho’s and everything else that is bad for you. They do plan to create better food choices, that I’m fine with, my problem is the waiters that will take orders and run back and forth through the theater. Does AMC not understand the problem people have at movie theaters? Not many were demanding for this service, most people were demanding for less distractions. We live in age where people in movie theaters simply don’t act with any respect. Teens and others use their cell phones openly, texting, sometimes talking and create that annoying glow from their screen. We also see people who just don’t care about talking in theaters, I myself usually shush or literally talk to these people to make them shut up. No matter what type of jerk you experience in a movie theater the last thing you want is more distractions! This addition by AMC will cause multiple distractions. First the ass holes ordering most likely won’t be quiet when doing so. Imagine watching some intense scene in a film but then get distracted by some fat ass a couple rows down talking to waiter saying “I want a bacon cheese burger”. You will also have this employees taking orders darting around the aisles. Theaters should be pushing away from these decisions, people to the theater for the theater experience. Many hate going and simply wait for movies to come out on DVD so they can watch them at home. AMC wake up this is a bad idea! Don’t do it!