I thought this movie was basically wrapped but news is coming out that Paramount has pulled the Thing prequel from it’s original release date, that date was April 29th. The studio made claims basically that the film wasn’t ready yet. That seems odd since April is several months away. I think this is simply a move that Paramount wanted to get a movie they think wouldn’t be such a gamble in that release date. April is an interesting month since it’s right before the “summer” movie season. May is the block buster month. Paramount plans to move the film Fast Five into the now open slot. If you didn’t know Fast Five is another sequel in the Fast and Furious franchise. The first film was a decent action flick. The sequel 2 Fast 2 Furious was silly. Then Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift almost killed the franchise for good. Luckily for everyone I guess Vin Diesel needed work as did Paul Walker so they made a fourth film. With an amazing trailer and a film that turned out to be a solid action film people showed up. Domestically the film made $155 million and $353 world wide. So put that up against a prequel to a remake from the 80’s. Sure nerds like me would check it out but general horror remakes are doing alright in the box office. I think Paramount will most likely move the Thing to late August, a place where a lot of horror films end up. Will see if the movie has any major changes made to it, but to me this smells like it is just about money and Fast Five will make money in April.