This isn’t that big of a story, Bill was making a speech about clean energy and the producers of the film simply asked Clinton before he left if he’d be a part of the film. Well he said yes. I don’t want this to be political but Bill Clinton is my favorite President because he just seems like a great guy. I have to say though I’d much rather see George W. Bush in this movie I mean that guy can’t really ruin his legacy since he doesn’t have one. It would have been hilarious if he could have been in this movie but oh well. Rumors were flying around that Bill was going to replace Mel Gibson who was booted from his cameo for unknown reasons. That role has been taken over by Liam Neeson who will do a great job playing a tatoo artist in Bangkok. My only problem is that nothing seems to being kept secret in this film which I think is really hurting the movie before it is even finished. I guess most general audience members don’t read movie news but still I almost want to keep my eyes and ears shut about this film so the jokes will come out of no where.