November is a key time for movies mainly because people are usually ready to watch movies and any film with strong enough legs can make a lot of cash. Next week the final Harry Potter film comes out next week and that film will destroy but there is enough room for everybody. This weekend turned out to be full of surprises. The animated film Megamind stayed on top at #1 for the second week in a row. I believe this is mainly due to families and the additional $3-6 dollar 3D charge. A new film that is being beloved by critics landed in second which is Unstoppable. I will simply say I was hoping this movie would win out because I like action films like this. Oh well. The other two new films landed in fourth and fifth. Skyline has been thrown under the bus by critics and word of mouth is the movie is silly. Sadly the very promising looking Morning Glory landed in fifth. Still most of these movies that failed to beat Megamind but possibly could have legs as the holiday time comes along. Other things to note is a major drop by Saw 3D which has managed almost $44 million, so will there be another SAW film? Maybe they will wait a couple of years, figure they need the cash and make Saw: The Return or call it Spin Saw or some crazy thing. RED is still sticking around the top ten and proves that solid movies do have legs. RED is close to making $80 million which is very impressive. Will see how all these films fair against Harry Potter next week.

1. Megamind $30.1 Million

2. Unstoppable $23.5 Million

3. Due Date $15.5 Million

4. Skyline $11.7 Million

5. Morning Glory $9.6 Million

6. For Colored Girls $6.8 Million

7. RED $5.1 Million

8. Paranormal Activity 2 $3.1 Million

9. SAW 3D $2.8 Million

10. Jackass 3D $2.3 Million