Rumors are exploding that studios are simply green lighting any sequel they can, not sure if this is good or bad news really. Paramount wants a Zoolander 2(little late), GI Joe 2 and possibly more Transformers movies with or without Michael Bay and Shia. Now this isn’t exactly big news for decades now most know that sequels are where studios make their money. It’s connected story line with at least a fan base behind it. Why I’m blogging about this is mainly because I believe this is a response to what happened this summer. This past summer was in my eyes a good year for movies, we saw a lot of interesting films come out. Thing is a lot of tent pole films either under performed or straight bombed. Both Prince of Persia and Sorcerers Apprentice were suppose to start franchises. Both films did alright in the box office, but they both had huge budgets so I’m guessing no sequels(maybe straight to DVD)will be coming out anytime soon. The Last Airbender made lots of money but was beaten to death by critics so it is unclear if the second film will be coming quickly. Also with Harry Potter and Twilight both ending their series soon there is a lot of gaps for major sequels. Now sure a third Batman and Transformers movies are coming along with a third Iron Man but the studios want more. So films that did slightly well or have a slight following are suddenly getting sequel treatment. I mean does anyone even remember or care about GI Joe: Rise of Cobra? It made money so a second one is coming. I kind of wish with films like Inception doing well that stand alone movies with strong screenplays would get green lit, but we don’t live in a perfect world.