Rumors are flying around that a third X-Files film is in the works. It feels like forever now since the first film came out. That movie had some intense imagery but it’s final flaw was the film was almost too connected to the show. So for some reason even though they put down all their cards and showed us the alien plot than ran through the entire X-Files series, the characters still slightly acted like they saw nothing. That’s always been my problem with the X-Files is that it sort of always held back making you believe a larger story was about to come forward but really never did. Still I did love the show, one of the best on television ever frankly. Then the second X-Files movie came out and it was low budget which was good for the studio. The film though felt like a two hour episode of the show, no aliens, just serial killer stuff and other mystical things. So I do hope they go alien again with the third film, maybe expand the story from the first one a little bit. I think aliens are back in, problem is not sure how big of a budget they would get so the film would have to be a small scale type of film. Either way I’m down I love Mulder and Scully and would love to return to their adventures.