Nolan has made it clear he’s avoiding sci-fi type villains for his Batman films, with recent rumors that the Riddler would not be the baddie then suggestions have run wild. Now casting rumors have come up that Charlize Theron and Vera Farmiga are up for a key female role in the next Batman film. Rumor is the character could be Detective Sarah Essen, who becomes romantic with Gary Oldman’s Jim Gordon. This character later becomes the mother of Bat Girl. The other rumor is these ladies are trying to win the role of Julie Madison who in the comics becomes a love interest for Bruce Wayne but is also connected to the character of Clay Face. Even if Julie Madison is the character does not mean Clay Face will be coming. That character is just too out there for Nolan.

If I had to guess Nolan will use a character that would or could be possible in the world we live in. I’m looking at Black Mask or Dead Shot along with a return of Two Face. Don’t get me wrong I’d love to see Clay Face on screen, but I’d rather wait till Nolan hands the franchise to someone else who would be open to sci-fi type characters.