Texas Chainsaw Massacre was one of the first big time horror remakes. The movie was gritty and frankly brutal, it also lead the way for dozens of horror remakes, most of them were horrible. Horror films are kind of stuck in this theme of just remakes and sequels of remakes. With SAW 3D making some money over the weekend, but with that franchise coming to an end someone has to take over the Halloween slot. So Leatherface is standing up to take the job. A 3D sequel to the remake is on the way, hopefully they can add to the story instead of just having endless sequels. Whatever your stance is on Paranormal Activity 2, you have to enjoy the fact that they tried to add to the story while using the scares that made the first one so popular. I don’t exactly know where I stand on this, 3D is being over used and not being done the right way. Still to date Avatar is the only movie in my opinion that has. I’m also not a huge fan of the horror remake trend. So will see where this leads.