Let me start with this… I only watched the first two SAW movies. I enjoyed the first one for the silly horror movie it was but the second one kind of ruined it for me. Then as the sequels started popping up every year I knew it was just a big gimmick and no story was going to evolve from it. Am I surprised that this new one and supposedly the last one was number one this week? No I’m not. The 3D aspect I knew was going to have at least some people interested. Still the movie on Halloween weekend could only muster up 23 million bucks so maybe people are tired of the same old schtick. I mean come on I thought Jigsaw died in like the fifth one or something how is he still doing these traps? Not surprisingly the #1 movies of last week Paranormal Activity 2 dropped to second place, the film is almost at 70 million and has already made it’s money back. So it’s doing fine.

Another thing to note this week is that RED is sticking around at the top. At third with another ten million the movie is a for sure hit. Not sure if that means a sequel will be coming but it’s good to see solid action films doing well these days. Also The Town is still in the top ten and could easily break 90 million. Which is huge for crime movies and Ben Affleck. I guess I should also go into Jackass 3D making over 100 million… This just proves what we all know… People are stupid and will see anything, especially if it’s in 3D. The rest of the top ten is very ordinary. The only thing I can note is that Hereafter is in the fifth spot which is interesting because I feel like that movie is kind of under the radar. Anyway here is the list…

1. Saw 3D $22 Million

2. Paranormal Activity 2 $16.5 Million

3. RED $10.8 Million

4. Jackass 3D $8.4 Million

5. Hereafter $6.3 Million

6. Secretariat $5.1 Million

7. The Social Network $4.7 Million

8. Life as we know it $4 Million

9. The Town $1.9 Million

10. Conviction $1.8 Million