Rumors are flying about what the third Batman film will be called and of course who the bad guy will be. Well rumor is Nolan in a recent interview gave up some tidbits, first off the title would The Dark Knight Rises, not sure how I feel about that. I get why the Dark Knight is in the title, try and make audiences connect this movie with the huge hit but still… Also Rises? Why not Returns? Oh well. I guess Nolan also wrote off the idea of the Riddler being used in the film which is fine. I would have liked to see how he would use the Riddler but it makes sense why he wouldn’t use the character since the Riddler is a little over the top. Nolan has written off many villains including Mr. Freeze. So this leaves the question of who will be the next villain. I still believe Two-Face will return. Dent’s death in Dark Knight wasn’t exactly clear, the funeral at the end seemed staged. I can see him returning for a major part in the third film. Other baddies I think could work is the gangster Black Mask, or the gun nut Dead Shot I believe could work in Nolan’s real world Gotham. Will see though, I have full faith in Nolan since the man can do no wrong.