Last week Jackass 3D dominated the box office and proved Americans like stupid… If you want more proof just look how American politics is going. Alright enough jokes well last weeks #1 film dropped 50% of its audience. Still with the 3D price bonus the film sits at over 80 million bucks. The more surprising thing is the sequel to last years smash hit Paranormal Activity took in over 4o million dollars. Proving I guess that people like to get scared, reviews for the film have been uber positive. A bigger surprise the comic book adaptation RED stayed strong and only dropped one sport and added another 15 million to its purse. Clint Eastwoods new flick Hereafter came in 4th which was about expected, scoring high with adults. It brought in an impressive 14 million dollars. To note Easy A and The Town are still in the top ten after being out for around six weeks.

1. Paranormal Activity 2 $41.5 Million

2. Jackass 3D $21.6 Million

3. RED $15 Million

4. Hereafter $12 Million

5. The Social Network $7.3 Million

6. Secretariat $6.9 Million

7. Life as we know it $6.2 Million

8. “Owl movie” $3.2 Million

9. The Town $2.7 Million

10. Easy A $1.8 Million