This is not a joke, now I’m not sure how much I believe this. Spielberg has been attached to a large number of projects. Currently working on a Tin Tin movie(Awesome) and a World War I picture called War Horse. Both of those will be amazing. So I know what you’re asking: “What is Robopocalypse?” Well it’s novel coming out next year about robots trying to over throw mankind. I do hope the story has an interesting twist to it because the idea is very been there done that. Spielberg has many to win back after the last Indiana Jones film. Now I might have had problems with it(Every scene with Shia) but a lot of the problems were script related and George Lucas producing a more “family friendly” film. Spielberg can’t avoid all the blame for the corny crap in Indy because he pulled some silly shit before like in The Lost World, remember the girl kicking the Raptor out the window? I do and I still shudder from it. So I’m down for the Berg to return to science fiction A.I. and Minority Report were sweet. Win us back Steve! I’m ready for it!