Shawn Ryan has been signed on to adapt Clancy’s 1993 best seller Without Remorse. The story follows a man not named Jack Ryan, his name is John Kelly. Set in 1971 where Kelly is a Navy Seal who has returned for Vietnam. He takes charge in two operations, first is an official rescue of POW’s, the second a not so official mission to hunt down the men who raped and murdered a woman he loved. Many have tried to adapt this book and have failed. Very recently a rumor started that the film would be modern and stripped of the second unofficial mission, then what is the point of adapting the book? Keep it in the seventies, make it gritty, then you have a great film. I fully trust Shawn Ryan, when the show was on the air The Shield was hands down one of my favorite shows. So good luck to him and I hope this film actually gets made.