For some reason the Crow is going to be remade. They have picked Stephen Norrington to make it and that I feel is a good choice. I loved the first Blade and if LXG had more funding and less studio involvement it could have been really cool. So even with Norrington behind the camera I don’t really see the reason to remake the film. The first one is dark but stands up pretty well. Also the rumor that Mark Wahlberg is in the running to play the Crow confuses me highly. I like him as an actor so don’t get me wrong I just don’t see him as the Crow. Frankly casting this part would be really hard. I just can’t shake Markie Marks performance from The Happening from my brain. So hopefully this will all work out for the best but I don’t know. Maybe Norrington should just pitch another Blade film(which would rock) and avoid remaking this film all together.