So does this confirm it? Are Americans just stupid? Jackass 3D opened with 50 million dollars this weekend. Pathetic is the first word that comes to my mind. The first film back in 2002 opened with 23 million and ended up with a little over 60 million. The second film in 2006 opened with about 29 million… Now this. Was it the 3D charge of an extra four dollars that did it? Probably. Are Americans just dumber then they were four years ago? Yup. Seriously this film dominating in the box office proves that frankly audiences can’t be trusted. Is the movie fun? Sure but it does not deserve this type of outing. Thankfully the film RED landed in second with around 24 million. Social Network and Secretariat also stood pretty strong. Still none of this bodes well for anyone. Maybe it’s because Jackass 3D feels like the end, these guys are what 40? Next film might kill them(one can hope) so maybe people came out because that felt like this was the last one. Like with Shrek the 4th or whatever that movie was called. People came out to see that one mainly because it sold itself as the last one. Will see how this film does later in the month but still… 50 million? God help us all. Here is the list:

1. Jack Ass 3D $ 50 Million

2. RED $22.5 Million

3. The Social Network $ 11 Million

4. Secretariat $9.5 Million

5. Life as We Know It $9.2 Million

6. Legend of the… (Owl Movie) $4.2 Million

7. The Town $4 Million

8. My Soul to Take $3.2 Million

9. Easy A $2.7 Million

10. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps $2.4 Million