Synder has come out and tried to calm the interwebs rumor that General Zod would be the main villain in his reboot of the classic franchise. Now he could just be playing rebound and Zod is actually the villain, and he wants people to keep guessing into the film goes into production. If he’s telling the truth and Zod will not be the baddie that leaves open the question of who will be going up agains the boy in blue? Of course Lex Luthor will and should be involved somehow. He is now just as iconic as Superman. The character represents pure greed and the lust for ultimate power. Still Superman Returns had Luthor as the stand alone villain and the lack up super powered baddies did leave you wanting more. This can easily be fixed in the reboot, just ad Metallo or Brainiac to the mix and you can have some super powered beat downs which is what everyone wants. Personally I think Brainiac should be the reboot baddie, use his story arc from the cartoon show where Brainiac is connected to the destruction of Krypton. That would be awesome. Come on Synder make me happy! Even though you already have with your perfect adaptation of Watchmen.